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Our signature flower - now made with pearls

Signature Pearls - a tribute to our Forget-Me-Not
The new Signature Pearls collection is a tribute to our history, our future, and is inspired by our logo flower, Forget-Me-Not.

The flower has been a part of byBiehl's design DNA since 2010 when byBiehl was founded, and in fact, many byBiehl jewelry pieces have a small detail with a stamp of the flower inside the jewelry.


Dive into the new collection and get inspired for spring's jewelry - Scandinavian design, with a French touch.


The byBiehl Flower


The story behind the flower

Read about Charlotte Biehl's thoughts behind the choice

Why a Forget-me-not?

"Personally, I adore the forget-me-not flower. It heralds the coming of summer.

It has the most delicate meaning, which suits byBiehl jewelry well. Often, the pieces also hold a special significance for the wearer. A narrative that should not be forgotten.

The forget-me-not flower also symbolizes byBiehl's design expression: Timeless, elegant, and feminine. Jewelry that shines in their own understated way - just like the forget-me-not flower."

How would you style Signature Pearls?

"What I find absolutely wonderful about the Signature Pearls collection is that it suits many styles.

It can be styled very simply and femininely by using individual pieces.

The expression can be made edgier by combining Signature Pearls jewelry with chunkier pieces or by stacking them. For example, by styling them with several other earrings or by using either a chunkier necklace or multiple layers of necklaces.

Signature Pearls' simple and elegant expression means that it can become a classic, which will remain a favorite from the jewelry box for many years to come."

"I wanted to create a tribute to the feminine, the elegant - and to our beautiful logo flower, which has been with us all these years" - Charlotte Biehl

Styling inspiration - Signature Pearls

Other byBiehl pieces inspired by the Forget-me-not

Take care of your pearls

Pearls are an organic material and last longer if you take care of them

1. Put them on last

Pearls don't like chemicals. So, put on your pearls last to avoid getting hair products, perfume, and makeup on them, otherwise, you risk discoloration and loss of luster

2. Wipe them regularly

Remember to wipe them with a cloth after use. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth, as it is best for the pearls.

3. Store them separately

Avoid storing your pearls with other jewelry as they can scratch each other. Unlike silver and gold jewelry, pearls should not be stored in plastic bags. Let your pearls breathe, as they are made of organic material

4. Avoid water

Even though pearls come from the sea, they do not fare well when exposed to water. Therefore, take off your pearls when you bathe or swim.

byBiehl is a Scandinavian jewelry brand that creates sophisticated, timeless high-quality jewelry. We are very committed to our green journey - constantly working towards becoming more sustainable. Read more about our green journey here.


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